Have you ever heard this saying that Paris is the home of fashion? Yes it is but Paris claims itself to be more than fashion. If it provides fashion in form of clothes, it also provides one in terms of tourism. Paris is one of the cities that has many ancient architectural contents and has also maintained it till date. If you are touring Paris and the Eiffel tower is not on your list, re-check! Yes re-check because it is incomplete!

The Eiffel tower which means La Tour Eiffel in French is the emblematic monument of Paris. This building also known as the La dame de fer (iron lady). This building is so high that it stands above all the buildings in the city; its height is very impressive when viewed from beneath it.


This tower was built for the 1889 World fair which was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Prise de la Bastille (the storming of the Bastille) which commemorates the beginning of the French revolution and its start for democracy. The Parisians and artists of that time really hated it and protested for it to be taken down calling it monstrous and useless. To avoid it being dismantled, Gustave Eiffel created a new purpose for the tower and made it into a huge radio antenna which enabled the French military to send and receive wireless messages and was also of a great help during the World War I

With this being known, there are other interesting facts to be known about the Eiffel tower, let’s go over some


  • Up to 7,000,000 people tour this place yearly.
  • It consists of 1,665 steps
  • Because most Parisians lives in the city, they haven’t been to the top because they feel like they can climb it anytime they want
  • Although it was named after Gustave Eiffel, he didn’t design it, Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier; the engineers that worked for him at Compagnie des Establissements did but he designed the statue of liberty spine.
  • The total of 72 names comprising of engineers, mathematicians and scientists who contributed to the building of the tower are engraved on the tower
  • The tower is repainted every seven years by hand with sixty tons of paints to restore its vibrant and sparkly looks, and it takes eighteen months to be completed.
  • The most incredible thing about this iron lady is that it grows in summer and shrinks in summer. Since metals expand with heat, it can grow about seventeen centimeters during summer and shrinks the same during winter.
  • This building we see today was meant to be demolished twenty years after its construction.
  • It has been recreated around the world in places like USA and Japan
  • Visitors can climb the stairs to the first two levels and proceed to take the lift for the rest levels
  • The tower sways only some inches in the wind, it’s wind resistant
  • It has a height of 320 meters
  • It was the tallest manmade structure in the world for 41 years before the Chrysler building in New York.
  • It is located on Champ de Mars in Paris, France
  • During the German occupation in Paris, Hitler came to visit the city and the lift cables of the tower was cut off so that he would only have to use the stairs if he want to climb the tower, which he didn’t

If you ever plan to check out Paris, make sure to make a sweet memory of this tower to have a complete tour package. Have a safe trip!

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