It was never intended but we got to meet like this. I didn’t even know something as beautiful as this existed. The saying of if you’ve never visited another person’s farm, you will always have the impression of yours is the biggest came through two years ago.

Another world, another universe was opened unto me for exploration with seven stars as my guide. When I was in my darkest moments and painful periods, I was shown the door to a universe and thankfully I opened it.

The universe was a bright place with a lot of laughter and crying. The place is warm and lovely but the same time, its road was very rough and tiring. The pain, tears and sigh of the builders were very evident. One surprising thing in this universe was although there were pains, cries and heartbreaks, the builders never lose their smile. They were smiling through the rising and falling, the only thing on their minds was they want to make the magic shop of the universe completed and beautiful.

Although I came in into this magic shop to have comfort and a warm feeling, I had no choice but to join the builders and strangely it was where the happiness of the universe lies. I felt the happiness and comfort through the efforts I put in with other builders, isn’t that strange? There was this feeling of greatness and joy because I participated in building a home of happiness with others in the universe.

Truthfully speaking the universe has never been an easy job. It cost the blood sweat and tears of the main seven fairies, the millions fairies and the guardians for it to be built. It took several years of disappointment, pain and dejection, years of being trampled upon and ridiculed but through hard work, the universe is now beautifully built with beautiful blooming flowers alongside the golden road lined with happiness and smiles. It’s an easy and enjoyable road to the great magic shop with the beautiful seven stars guiding the shop.

The magic shop is now a place you can enter any day any time without it being closed or locked. The seven fairies are always there to comfort you. As you enter the shop with a heavy heart, the first fairy will take away your bag of worries for disposal as you are ushered in. The second fairy doesn’t waste any time preparing a tea for you to ease the coldness of your heart while the third fairy plays you a song that makes you let out the pain in your heart by crying. When you cry out your pain, the fourth fairy immediately comes to your rescue by offering you a box of sunshine, hope and bright smile. Never think it’s over because you are now going to pour out your heart to the fifth fairy who will listen to you without getting tired or cutting you off. You can then proceed to eat a warm meal prepared by the sixth fairy which is the eldest fairy. You can play games and have a happy time with the last fairy which is also the youngest fairy, by this time you must be energized, happy and elevated. Your heart must be feeling alive and you will live each second in great joy while you take a pleasant nap like a baby.

The universe is not made up of these seven fairies alone, there are other fairies outside the universe who visits the magic shop for energy too, you never walk alone in this universe, there are millions of fairies to join and make friends. No matter your race, skin color, nationality or identity, you will be given a chance to speak yourself in this amazing universe. Isn’t this universe amazing?

Since there is never a city without guardians, you will always see the guardians of this universe following around the seven fairies. They had been with them from the beginning and had also participated in the building of the magic shop and construction of the universe. They’ve always provided for the needs of these seven fairies and protected them in places where the million fairies can’t. They are always with them day and night helping them behind, a very big shout out to these hardworking guardians.

Even though these universe was built for happiness, there are several enemies always trying to break in but the million fairies does a very good job of fighting them off and sadly this happens every single day, even with this, they are never discouraged or tired because they are constantly energized by the magic shop which has become a place where other people outside which to visit. Are you in the universe? Are you planning to join? If yes, never forget to visit the magic shop.




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