Abby – Agnes’ daughter

Beatrice – Abby’s friend

Jack – Agnes’ son

Scott – Abby’s boyfriend

Shawn – Jamie’s crush

Jamie – school mate

James – Clara’s husband

Bella – Agnes workplace friend

Lydia – Jack’s nanny

Jones – Abby’s crush

Mascot – intern

Junior – Clara’s son

Andy – Beatrice’s boyfriend

Louis – director

Lewis – LA director

Carl – Lydia’s son

Prof Leo – lecturer

Sam & Romeo – club members

Martin – Agnes’ husband

Karen – Martin’s wife

Camilla – Karen’s wife friend

Alicia – Shawn’s mom


The whistling of boiling water filled the air as the TV played on its own without anyone to watch. The room appeared messy with clothes in all nooks and crannies, the coffee cup was on the table with the spoon lying under the table, the noise was unbearable for little Jack as he found his way to the bedroom to wake his mum up, Mom! Mom!! He shouted with frustration, Agnes turned and opened a half-eye, what? She asked sleepily, the water is boiling and the TV is too loud, are you going to do nothing about it? Uh! Her eyes flew open as she jumped to check the time; it was 7:45am, what the hell? She yelled as she sprang up the bed and flew past little Jack who was shaking his head at the drama his mom just performed. Why did I have to close my eyes when I already woke up she lamented as she showered under the runny water, I just hope and pray there is no traffic today she mumbled as she applied shampoo on her hair only for the water to stop running, what the crazy heck is going on this morning? She shouted out in anger as she reached out for the reservoir clamp by tracing her hand on the wall.

My gosh! She sighed as she reached out for her jacket and her handbag with her heels in her left hand, am I the only one staying at home? Jack asked from the right side of the couch, no sweetie, your nanny is coming soon, take care of yourself, I made your hot water so make get yourself some tea, bread and jam is in the fridge, I’m off she said as she sprang out. Oofs another boring day, Jack said as he went to the kitchen to get his breakfast.

          I told you never to come to work late didn’t i? Clara questioned Agnes on their way to the director’s office, you know I always try my best to adhere to it but being a single mom ain’t easy, Agnes answered calmly, then please reunite with your husband or you get yourself another Clara fired fiercely, I can’t get back with Martin and you know that, I’ve been through enough pains, oof you’ve been through enough pain? I’m still going through that pain Clara said as she bend to adjust her heels, we have a right called choice don’t you think so? You chose to be in the pain darling Agnes said as she pats Clara’s back, I want to escape too but I can’t because of my kids Clara said grabbing the knob of the director’s door, well I can take care of them myself Agnes said shrugging.

          Oh baby! You’ve been sleeping since ages; you are really not going home? Beatrice asked, I already told you I don’t have a home so I’m going to stay here till Scott comes back. Why did you decide to leave your mom when she’s going through a hard time? You are supposed to be by her side, she needs you! Beatrice said to Abby, oh no please, not again, we already agreed and she sent me out on her own, what should I do? Beg on my knees? That’s impossible and you know that Abby replied while heading to the kitchen, ooooooofffffssssss Beatrice sighed as she sank into the sofa, or are you uncomfortable because your Andy might come by? Abby asked sticking her neck out from the kitchen smiling, of course! You are big nuisance to our enjoyment Beatrice grinned, oh oh don’t worry, just beep me and I will crash at another place on that day Beatrice said winking before returning to the kitchen.

          Lydia is here! Lydia announced as she entered little Jack’s house, a big smile came on Jack’s face as he saw his nanny with a box of chocolate, I’ve been craving this he said jumping for joy and attempted to collect it only for Lydia to lift her hands in the air which erased the smile on Jack’s face, ABC? Jack asked and Lydia nodded. I know Jack said as he shrink in the couch, then forget it Lydia said putting it in her bag, A..B..C..D.. Jack began unable to resist the temptation of the chocolate, Lydia smiled as she handed over the chocolate to Jack, oh my good boy she added with a pat.

          Can I sit with you? Jones asked Abby, oh yeah it’s not like I bought the seat Abby said with a thin smile across her lips, did the lecturer give any assignments last class? Jones asked trying to spark up a conversation, I don’t think so Abby replied with her face drilling a hole on the board just as the lecturer comes in for the day’s class. “wanna hook up after class?” was written on the note passed to Abby by Jones, Abby turned and swept her hair back as she replied with a firm “no thanks” and continued with the class lecture but Jones wasn’t going to let go forever even if he let go today.

          Hey Beatrice! Andy said as she opened the door, she busted in a big smile with her eyes lit up, you didn’t tell me you were coming she confronted him as she let him in, I wanted to surprise you Andy said smiling but Beatrice pulled him in for a hot kiss as they made their way to the couch, Andy grabs her waist and lifts her up while Beatrice wrapped her legs around him with their lips locked in emotion, he gently place her on the couch without removing his lips from hers as his hands found their ways to her leg giving her a moan, she pulled him tighter to advance to the next level but the passcode was beeping , holy shit! Beatrice groaned as she knew Abby is around, she pushed Andy up gently and went to the door, hey why are you blocking the way? Abby questioned, Andy is around ,Beatrice whispered, oh !Abby whispered back as she turned to leave, give me a call when he’s gone Abby said finding her way, ok Beatrice said signaling and slam the door shut, let’s get to business baby she smiled as she jumped on Andy.

          Agnes sat on the bench in the park as she dialed Abby’s number, still not coming home? She asked, no I’m not! Abby snapped, ok no need to yell, I know you will come back when you are not mad anymore Agnes said as she hung up on her, gosh she’s a pain she said adjusting her heels as she stood up to head back to the office.

          Today is killing Clara said as she walked to Agnes desk, here’s a letter for you from the director she said handing it over, thanks Agnes murmured and dropped it, you are not going to open it? Clara questions, am too lazy to do that Agnes replied closing her eyes, then I should help Clara said tearing off the seal, you don’t have to do that Agnes said opening her eyes but Clara screamed, you are going to CALIFORNIA!, uhn? Cali what? Agnes said with her eyeballs pooping out, yes you are, you always wanted to go, I’m so happy for you Clara said with a big smile.





Thinking about where to tour next? No worries, you still haven’t tour ¼ of the world. Masai mara is one of the biggest touring centers in Africa and it is one of the greatest game reserves in Africa. This place gives scenery of wild-life and is able to deliver good sight of them chilling in their natural habitat. Examples of wild lives available are lions, cheetahs, leopards and so on. Although it occupies only 0.01% of Africa’s landmass, it hosts most almost 40% of wild lives.

This amazing game reserve is situated in Kenya, Africa. Most of Kenya’s wild lives are said to live outside the reserve and national parks so only about 25% of the wild lives can be found in the reserve. This game reserve has done a great deal in preserving wild animals because Africa has lost almost all its wild lives years ago.

Masai mara is located in the Great Rift Valley which stresses from Ethiopia’s Red sea that passes through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and into Mozambique. The animals have freedom to roam and move about the dispersal areas and have developed synergetic relationship with the wildlife.

The Mara contains four types of terrain;

  • The Ngama Hills to the east with sandy soil and leafy bushes blessed with black Rhino
  • The Mara triangle bordering the Mara river with lush grassland and acacia woodlands which can b helpful for the masses of the games.
  • The Oloololo Escarpment forming the western boundary and leading to a magnificient plateau
  • The Central Plains forming the largest part of the reserve with scattered bushes and boulders on rolling grasslands


From the ending of July onward, millions of freshly arrives brown and black dots scatter the great plains making this one of the natural wonders of the world and its more wondrous until they wander back in December. The wildebeest spend their lives wandering, trekking between the Serengeti in the south to the Masai Mara in the North. Their routes are determined by the rain patterns, they wander in constant pursuit of fresh grass and water. Their calving instincts are timed to the movements of the moon, resulting in three-week-long birth fest in February on the Serengeti plains.

The migration of wildebeest is also the happiness of many other species especially the predators as it signifies the start of feasting and prosperity. The Big cats (Cheetah, lions and leopards) have abundance of prey and are able to grow stronger and produce healthy offsprings. This show of life and death makes the migration season a great time to visit the Basecamp.

There are many spectacular views to be experienced in this game reserve which could only be explained when you see in person but none the less it’s a very great safari with wonderful natural wonders at its fullest. Do enjoy your trip.



Jane is here seeking solutions to her problem, can you help provide one? can you help Jane out?

Although I have never had a pleasant experience from childhood, I always seeks to watch my steps now that I am growing. Fixing a mistake is never easy as you have to live trying to clean it all up all your life. – Jane

Jane’s parents once lived as a tenant in a little town in L.A. they had moved to L.A from New York and decided to stay in that particular house since the neighborhood is peaceful and Jane and her little brother can have friends to play with  as most people  around had kids. Jane was still an elementary scholar when they came so she automatically had friends to play with since she enrolled in school with them.

Jane’s parents enrolled her in a school in a nearby town where they are being transported by school bus. Many kids around the area attended the prestigious school so it would be weird if she was sent to a lower standard school when her dad could clearly afford it. She began school like a normal kid and went to and fro everyday with other kids to school. Her father being an office worker and her mother being a stylist, they rarely had much time for her so they made her stay with other kids.

Living with them for more than two years, they had become very comfortable with one another and eat at each other’s house, they played, fought and laughed together leaving many memories as kids but the most wrenching moment s was when they took her on sexual exploits against her will. She was first advanced by one of the kids, they had practiced sex even though they were not supposed to know what that was at that stage, they got caught and was whipped hard by the other kid’s father, the adults expected them to have learnt their lessons.

After some years, the older kids made her and another kid sleep with each other under their supervision, they made them sleep with each other by threatening them even though they begged that they didn’t want that. This triggered Jane into having sexual urges from an early stage due to the exposure she had as a kid.

Years later, Jane’s father built his house and they moved into their house with their new child making them three, the house was not really far from their old house, so Jane was still attending her former school. She had forgotten about all those memories until the time she went to play in one of her mom’s friend’s house. The older son had her sleep with him because they were the only one inside the house together on this unfortunately, this time Jane was only 9 years old. Her sexual urge was triggered again!

Because of this incident, Jane stopped going to their house and started staying with her father’s family after school but the matter was from frying pan to fire. One of her dad’s younger brother always made her lay with him whenever no one was home, she cried, resisted and all but all to no avail, who will she tell her story? No one would believe a ten year old girl over an adult, her mom who she could talk to was furthering her education so she was not around.

Jane went on with this life and started growing into what the community has thrown her in, she learnt how to cook, clean, wash and do many things on her own at an early age, she only had herself to play with since the tenant staying with them didn’t have a kid if her age.

She became friends with one of the neighbor kids and often visits her house to play with them since she was mostly alone. She went with the kid to the other neighbor’s house to play with them. She was all alone so she had to play with someone as kid!, what could she possibly know or do?

Even in this house where she was more like a visitor, the elder brother of her friend raped her! She cried to herself only, no one to talk to, no one to complain to, they will only call her the promiscuous one, the woman also end up taking the shame so what could she possibly do? Seems Jane was caught by others when she was being raped, they didn’t even help her, instead they threatened her and made her sleep with, AGAIN! Jane was such a poor kid who was played and tossed around the world, how lonely could she get?

These stupid people even talked about her to friends and those friends used to opportunity to approach her for sex. She was friends with them so she thought it was normal and all but she never knew they had plans for her. She was lured and raped again, how more crumbled can she gets? Jane really despised herself.

She dissociated herself with all the kids, she decided to be on her own but can a kid do that? She decided to go out with other kids in the neighborhood, she befriended a guy and they became great friends. Jane can’t explain how they got to sleep with each other again but they did sleep with each other. She became distanced with him after the entire incident but this guy was always lurking around saying he’s going to marry Jane but she was never ready to face him anymore.

You could think this was the end for Jane but it was the beginning. Everything was going on fine for her until their tenant left and another came in. the wife of their tenant had a younger brother who visited on a daily basis. They became friends and were fond of each other until they finally sleep with each other. Jane did like him and wanted to date him but he was not ready to date him, Jane was 12 years old as that time. This continued before the saga happened. Jane’s dad had travelled on a fateful day and left Jane with the tenant, her brothers had travelled to her mom’s sister’s place for holiday so she was the only left with her dad. Jane had slept in their tenant’s room and signaled to the boy that they should meet at another room but someone unexpected showed up, it was the husband. The husband came to Jane in the middle of the night and threatened to expose her relationship with his wife’s brother to her father, he said the only way he’s not going to expose her was if Jane would sleep with him, Jane was gripped with fear, what could she do? She gave in.

The man slept with her regularly, threatening to expose her if she didn’t comply. She eventually broke up with the boy but nevertheless, the husband was still making her sleep with him. She went to a boarding house for her secondary school thus making her seem him less often except in times of holiday, her mother was around now so she hid under her shield most times avoiding him though she could not summon courage to tell her what she went through or what she was going through.

The man eventually went to his own house but that didn’t stop him from coming over to Jane’s house whenever her parents were not around, he made sure he had a grip on her and even told her he wants to impregnate her so she could be his forever, Jane was 13 years at that time. On a fateful day, he came over after like six months since he couldn’t see her because of school, he made her sleep with him again and that was the time Jane loosed her virginity finally. She was surprised as she bled because she didn’t know she was still a virgin, she could her fought with all her might to keep herself – Jane’s biggest regret. She broke free from his grip and avoided him at all cost making him give up on her. Till today, Jane still hated him like no other, anytime Jane sees him, she always felt like stabbing him because of the hatred burning within her.

Jane moved on and tried to hide her past but she could only do that for some years, she met who she dated in school. She loved him and believed he loved her, she gave herself to him, they slept together with the hope of marrying him but all in the end they broke up after school.

Jane can’t find herself a love or bring herself to give one. she can’t even bring herself to be in a relationship and hurts herself everyday, she always carries a guilty mind all around and can’t seems to be stable.

This is the life of Jane who had all her life being subjected to unpleasant memories, she is currently under emotional turmoil, and what do you think she can do to make her life happy and pleasant?

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Last week we learnt what texture is and its role in fabric. This week we will be going deeper into how it affects colors and other things.

  • Texture can affect colors of clothes and the way it is used. Imagine a cotton and flannel wool being dyed with purple color, although they have the same color, their texture can never give room for them to be used for the same style, one will be great for shirt while the other for a suit which will come out a bit darker. This reason is attributed to the thread for making these fabrics. Thick wool will absorb more dye resulting in a darker color, the weaves is the most contributing factors.
  • Since color is light bouncing off of objects and into our eyes, when light hits a more pitted surface, it reflects less of it back into our eyes. Hence the coarseness of a fabric contributes to the color, brushed wool thread will absorb more light than ordinary smooth cotton threads.
  • Some of the clothes out there actually get their colors from the textured weaves of more than one color. Patchwork of blues and whites gives human eye a solid blue color.


One or two pieces with visible texture are mostly found plenty in an outfit and it goes a long way. With a suit and sweater, you are ready to rock the cold periods.

  • Although most suit textures are made of thick threads in visible weaves, we still have suits and jackets which have the worsted, tweed, flannel, corduroy, Birdseye and barleycorn texture for different feels, occasions and weathers. Others can include Hounds tooth, twill and seersucker, you can grace your wardrobe with mixture of jackets and suits in this forms, trousers included.

Of course you can’t wear trousers or suits bare, shirts have to be included and the textures of the shirt have to do with how it is combined with suits, jackets and trousers.

  • Textured dress shirts are less common since they are worn against the skin, it can bring discomfort or irritation to the skin. Although we think some shirts are perfectly ordinary but they do have a faint texture to them.
  • Shirts like broadcloth and fine oxfords have smooth surface, coarse oxford are known to be very fine and close-spaced dimples.
  • Herring bones are made of vertical columns of V-shapes and chevrons, twills are fine diagonal ribbing, poplin is deeper dimples made by threads of two different sizes.
  • We also Gauze which is known as Lawn that is cotton woven in a manner to allow maximum airflow even though not transparent.
  • In putting on of shirts, we should take occasion into consideration, when attending business, the shirts tend to be broadcloth or tightly-woven oxfords, some poplin can also pass for this occasion. Herringbone shirts can also work with suit for people with daring taste in fashion and the herringbone needs to be in one color.


Do we ever think about our ties and shoes having their own distinct textures? Well they do! Ranging from perfectly smooth to coarse, they all have their beautiful textures which can complement our outfits.

  • Knit ties which have bumpy surface, brogue shoes which are filled with punched holes, Suede shoes which are easily maintained, woven shoes and belts which are made of interlaced leather strips, silk pocket squares which have shimmery-smooth textures can be worn along with our outfits.
  • We can also have tooled belts which is the solid leather with stamped designs go with our plain trousers.

Although being aware of texture is cool and great but avoid mixing too much of it in your outfit to avoid tardiness and tackiness, after all ability to appear neat and cool is the key of good fashion. Unless you are posing for a liberal art professor look, don’t put on knit tie on a tweed suit.

  • Dimpled seersucker suit can go along with a woven leather belt. It takes a lot trying and effort to be able to make multiple textured pieces work in a single outfit.

For a great wardrobe and outfit, note this;

  • Stick to one or two textured pieces at maximum in an outfit.
  • Simple outfits can be spiced up with textured accents
  • Heights and builds also contribute to texture usage. Short men and broad men are at a disadvantage for more texture in an outfit while tall and skinny men can pass for it. Lanky men can benefit from a more little extra weight.
  • Light texture adds life and uniqueness to dark solid colors, making them appropriate for business wears that needs to be unique without breaking dress standards.
  • Textured fabric with colored patterns are suitable for busy clothing, they can be paired with simple pieces.
  • A wardrobe without texture is boring and dull, sticking to the rules and ability to blend will make you experience a sweeter taste and exploration in the fashion world.


As we already know this is not a new thing that a virus has been threatening our existence all over the world. This virus has made nations gone into panicking and fears to the extent of lockdowns and isolations.

This virus called the COVID-19 that emerged from Wuhan, China has taken its joy in spreading all around the world and has turned into a global pandemic. With many lives affected and threatened, many organizations have been on their toes to overcome this worldwide crisis.


The Virus called COVID-19 is a virus that has never been recorded in the human history. It is a new strain of virus that has just surface in the world. It is said to be one of the families of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) diseases with it being SARS-COV-2. It is one of the corona viruses which have been seen in animals mostly. The natural host has been identified as bats while the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which is transferred to man from camels, SARS-COV-1 is reportedly transferred from civet cats to human.


Ever since its announcement in January 2020, over 750,000 cases has been reported over the globe with up to 30,000 deaths and 100,000 recoveries. The virus has been curbed in China with a lockdown of over 50 days while it has started its manifestation in other countries with every nation trying their best to reduce the spread. The US, Italy and Spain are the countries recording high number of viruses by the day and we do hope to see a decline as nations are working tirelessly to overcome it.


Unlike the Seasonal Influenza, it has a mortality rate of 20-30 people in a thousand infected. Since it’s a new virus, no one has a vaccine against it so everyone is prone to it as it even spreads faster than the seasonal influenza


The virus is said to be spread through respiratory droplets of sneeze, cough or exhale of infected person and a carrier can infected two or more people. The virus can also be introduced to the body by touching eyes, nose or mouth with infected hands or objects. The virus can survive few hours on surfaces such as table, door handles and hand rails. Its incubation period is said to be between 2-14 days of contraction.


  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness of  breathe
  • Fever
  • Loss of energy
  • Muscle pain

Serious cases can leads to sepsis, septic shock, severe pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome which can lead to death.


Elderly people, people suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory, hypertension, diabetes and cancer are at higher risk to chronic infections. Children have rare and mild infections. Statistics from China showed that only 2% of children less than 18 years were infected. Pregnant women have not shown any different reaction to the virus, it cannot be said maybe it will transferred to fetus so it is advised that they follow measures just like others.


Testing for the virus varied from each country due to the availability or capacity of testing kits. Some countries has adapted the act of testing overseas returnees, people with low immune system, hospitalized patients, people with liver diseases, respiratory diseases and elderly first. Some has based on tracking down on people who have come in contact with an infected person.


This virus currently has no vaccine or cure so the best to do now is to curb the spread by staying at home and reporting to necessary authorities when one notices any of the said symptoms. The health workers are working on treating the physical symptoms by giving fever reducing drugs, oxygen therapy and all. Although nations are working tirelessly in developing a vaccine, it may take up to months or years because of various testing for efficacy and safety, also for widely use of drugs.


  • wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water or alcohol based hand rub
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
  • Cover your mouth and nose with tissues or flex your elbow when sneezing or coughing
  • Avoid contacts with sick people or with people when sick
  • Self – isolate or stay home to avoid contraction and if you feel unwell
  • You can put on gloves and face masks when going out to avoid contacts and dispose immediately upon reaching home.




We’ve graced our readers with different dishes around the world with respect to tribes, countries and continents. This week we will be spreading the love for Asian dishes the more by bringing you a popular dish from Taiwan called Three Cup Chicken.

Three cup chicken although is a Taiwanese food is originally a Chinese food but with slightly different methods of cooking and local influences. It is called the Three Cup Chicken because it contains three core ingredients which are; Soy sauce, Sesame oil and Chinese rice wine (Shaoxing) while the cup added to it is due to the equal ratio of measurement. Although the ingredient listed above is considered the key ingredients, Basil leaves and ginger are also a must have as they gives it an exotic aroma and minty nuance to its taste.

The meal is best served as an entrée and goes smoothly with steamed rice, pork belly, garlic Bok Choy and minced chicken.


It takes about 20-25 minutes to prepare this dish, so it’s not really a time consuming dish.

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda for tenderizing the chicken
  • 1 lbs chicken drumsticks
  • 6 cloves of peeled garlic
  • 1 ½  tablespoon soy sauce
  • `1 bunch Thai Basil leaves
  • 2 tbs dark or toasted sesame oil
  • 2 – inch piece old ginger cut in thin pieces and peeled
  • 1 ½ tablespoons Shaoxing wine
  • 1 ½ tbs dark sweet soy sauce


  1. Cut the chicken into pieces and rub thoroughly with baking soda,

Place aside for ten mins and rinse it off with water and make sure it’s completely rinsed off.

  • Heat up a clay pot with a high heat and put in the dark sesame oil

Add in the ginger, garlic and stir-fry. Add in chicken and stir few times.

  • Add soy sauce, dark sweet soy sauce and the wine and continue to stir fry
    • Cover the lid to simmer for 7-10 mins then add in the Basil leaves and stir


As easy as this dish is, its ingredients can be difficult to get for people leaving outside of Asia especially the Shaoxing wine, this dish is all about ingredients, if one of the ingredients is missing, one may not get the full or desired taste. We only recommend this dish if all ingredients are available.

Do enjoy! See you next week.


One of the things that make us human is the availability of our sensory organs. We live our daily lives feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing things.

Due to this curiosity and eagerness of human to flaunt their sensory skills, we end up discovering many things and move forward daily. As much as people tends to look for the texture of a fabric first when they see one, it is not the most important factor for choosing a cloth, color and pattern is the most important factor when going for a fabric especially men clothing.

Even though texture is not the most important, it still plays its own role in the elegancy of a cloth. A man will look more approachable if he appears in front of a lady in a decent and great fabric with quality texture.

Texture is a great thing generally. Take for example little children who doesn’t know what is really right or wrong, they can easily know maybe something is edible for holding, its suitable for comfort or safe for consumption and that’s exactly it applies to fabrics, It tells if you are to reject or cling to a fabric. With all these being said, what exactly is texture?

Texture is the physical surface of a cloth or fabric. It can either be smooth or rough. Things like colors and patterns although not all cases can be affected by texture. The weave, size and quality will surely the texture of a cloth.

Why does texture matters?

COMFORT! Nothing beats being comfortable. Someone clothed in rough and scratchy fabric will surely find it uncomfortable and uneasy, that’s why some jackets which look rough on the outside are often lined for comfort.

Texture can make you picture the look of a cloth visually on the person who is to wear it

Texture can speak about the warmness, approach-ability and elegance without even needing to touch it. Silky and velvety fabrics are always categorized as feminine because they show off softness and fragility, while leather is considered masculine because of its tough and rough image. Well this doesn’t stop men and women from exploring each other’s fabrics as long as they find it comfortable.

According to laboratory researches, textures can evoke emotions. Like fleece and tweed giving off relaxation and warmth feeling, Velvet and Irish linen giving off the “opulent poise” feeling, Lycra and denim giving out the energy feelings, corduroy and leather as masculinity, silk, satin and lace as “faded masculinity”

Join us next week as we bring you more tips on fashion and texture

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The ship has many histories and stories that surrounded it since it was built and used several centuries till now. Some of these has been said last week and we will continue with some this week.

  • The KMS Black Joke was previously a Brazilian slave ship called the Henriquetta and was captured by the Royal Navy and re purposed to chase down slave ships and it freed hundreds of slaves during her five-year career
  • The HMS Sheffield was hit by an Argentine Exocet missile during the Falklands War, the crew sang “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” as they waited for rescue.
  • The HMS Porcupine was split into by half by a German Torpedo in the year 1942. Its two sides were later salvaged and renamed as the HMS Pork and the HMS Pine.
  • The largest ship used by Christopher Columbus when he reached the Americas was Santa Maria. It was 62 feet (19m) long.
  • The closest human beings seems to ships when it passes through Point Nemo in the Southern Pacific Ocean is probably in the International Space Station 400km above them.
  • Some of the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger’s crew carried out two-dozen acts of sabotage to prevent the ship from returning to Vietnam in 1972.
  • The part that allows a ship to move faster by cancelling waves with its own waves is called Bulbous bow.
  • The largest British ship lost at sea was the MV Derbyshire. It weighed 92,000 ton, as heavy as it weighed it went down the sea in just two minutes because it never got to make a mayday call. It went down in a typhoon off Japan.
  • A Dutch Navy ship called HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen escaped from the Japanese by being disguised as an island and only sails at night. It successfully went from Indonesia to Australia without being detected.

With the end of the ship, we will bring fresh updates to your notice next week.


Since human has passed through different ages and stages, it is important to leave traces of arts, talents, crafts and culture for the coming generations in order not to leave the previous existence as a folktale, and that’s exactly the use of museum. The museum is the place where arts, crafts and history are kept and being displayed.

Koreans has lived for over 5,000 years with different cultures, histories, arts, crafts and even lifestyles. The need to preserve, promote and display their honorable culture has brought the existence of the national museum. The museum holds the history ranging from the GOJOSEON to the JOSEON dynasty and now to the present Korea. Its use is to appreciate, learn and understand the history of Korea and its art.

The National Museum of Korea has a distinct significance for the history of Korea’s museum, It was traced back to when the Imperial museum was established 1909. During the Japanese colonization period (1910 -1945), the two museums in Korea were the Yi Royal-Family Museum and the Government-General museum of Joseon.

When Korea got its independence from Japan in 1945, it renamed its two museums as the national museum of Korea. The museum itself has been moved several times until it got its own dedicated building in Yongsan in 2005 and its 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2009.

The museum’s space is divided into the permanent and special exhibition gallery and has its representative artifacts as the PENSIVE BODHISATTVA from the 7th century, GOLD CROWN from the 5th century – Silla kingdom, TEN-STORY PAGODA of Gyeongcheonsa Temple, WHITE PORCELAINS from Joseon dynasty, CELADON WIRES from Goryeo dynasty and many more. The museum also displays present Asian artifacts from China, Japan, Central and Southeast Asia.

The museum engages in various cultural and educational programs and also performing arts presented by theater YONG. It also functions as unique venue for conferences and conventions for business.

The museum being one of the best in the world in term of size (biggest in Asia and sixth in the world), its annual attendance, additional facilities like theater, cafeteria, education hall, museum shop, conference rooms and digital services for exhibition.

The museum renders guided tour for international visitors as follows;

English: 10:30 -11:30am, 2:30 – 3:30pm daily

Japanese: 9:30 – 10:30am weekdays, 10:30 – 11:30, 2:30 -3:30 pm on weekends

Chinese: 10:30 -11:30am for weekdays. 10:30 -11:30am, 2:30 -3:30 pm on weekends

The museum also recommends up to 20 persons per time and also the service is free of charge. Also note that service offer times are liable to change.

The National Museum of Korea also has the Children’s Museum in its west wing of the building. It’s a special exhibition space for hands-on experience where young visitors can SEE, FEEL and TOUCH the tradition and culture of Korea. The goal of this section is to account for the level of children’s cognitive development for learning through play. Children are allowed to touch objects to make them clearer and feel them vividly to imagine the life of people from the past in order to understand s the use of old-aged tools and relics.

They can also learn how the materials for weapons and farm tools evolved through all ages. This museum continues to make sure that it is both fun and educational at the same time for the visitors by creating intriguing settings like Bronze Age and Iron ages and also including a kitchen from Goryeo dynasty.

There is more fun to seeing than reading, you can visit this honorable museum to see things for yourself and experience the feel from the past.


Japchae is a very popular dish among the Korean dishes. It is highly sought after during the festive holidays like New Year and Harvest festivals. Japchae which means “mixed vegetables” was brought to light in the 17th century which back then was a noodle-less dish. In this century, the main ingredients for this dish are the glass noodles made from sweet potatoes, colorful vegetables and seasoned meat preferably beef.

This dish is mainly served as a main dish but can also be served on rice making it japchae-bap which makes it a main dish. The preparation is very similar to Bibimbap (rice rolls with seaweed) which needs a lot of vegetables and meat unless you a vegetarian.


Cooking separately brings out the individual flavor and enhances the texture and color better.

A brilliantly made Japchae has a balanced savory and sweet flavor, the vegetables are crunchy in texture and the noodle textures are not mushy but bouncy.

Well-made Japchae should have a balanced sweet and savory flavor, crunchy vegetable texture (not too raw and not too soft) and bouncy noodle texture (not mushy).



  • 250g (8.8 ounces) Korean sweet potato starch noodles (dangmyeon,당면)
  • 100g (3.5 ounces) rib eye fillet
  • 1 medium carrots (120g, 4.2 ounces) – rinsed, peeled & julienned
  • 110g (3.9 ounces) baby spinach – rinsed and drained
  • 1/4 small red capsicum (bell pepper) (50g, 1.8 ounces) – rinsed and julienned
  • 1/2 large yellow onion (105g, 3.7 ounces) – peeled, rinsed, thinly sliced
  • 100g (3.5 ounces) fresh shiitake mushroom – cleaned, stems removed and thinly sliced

Spinach seasoning

  • 1/4 tsp fine salt
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 extra large egg with its yolk separated
  • Cooking oil
  • Sea salt (fine)
  • Water for spinach and noodles boiling

Note: 1tbs is equivalent to 15ml


  • Wipe off the blood on the rib eye fillet with kitchen paper and slice it thinly into strips. Place in a clean bowl.
  • Add in the beef marinade and gently mix in the sauce then cover the bowl, set it aside for 30 minutes for preparation of other ingredients.
  • Prepare the vegetables
  • Place the sliced mushroom in a bowl and add in 1tbs of mushroom and noodles marinade mixture and mix well. Set aside
  • Boil some water in a pot and boil the spinach for 5 to 10 seconds in the boiling water and drain it out with a strainer, run it through cold water to cool it down to avoid overcooking, squeeze it to remove water and place it in a bowl, add spinach seasoning and mix thoroughly but lightly.
  • Transfer to a large bowl
  • Boil water in a large pot, add noodles to the boiling water and boil for 7 mins. Drain out the water and run through cold water to cool down for 1-2 mins.
  • Cut the noodles with kitchen scissors according to your taste and put in a bowl
  • Pour in the noodles and marinade mixture and leave aside
  • Beat the egg white with a fork and add some cooking oil (1tbs), boil the egg white mixture and boil for like 2 mins with a light heat and transfer to a neat cutting board
  • Add some cooking oil to onions and a pinch of salt and stir fry until cooked on low heat
  • Also add oil to the red capsicum and a pinch of salt and stir fry until cooked
  • Repeat this process for marinated mushroom, marinated meat and marinated noodles differently and mix together in a mixing bowl
  • Thinly slice the white egg like a match stick and add into the mixing bowl
  • Add sesame oil and seed into the mixing bowl and mix them gently and evenly
  • Japchae can be served cold or hot and can also be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 days
  • Enjoy!


How to combine colors of clothes has been an issue for decades except for the fashion experts of course! How do I wear this? Is it possible for blue to appear on green? This is the question that comes across of 70% of people who wakes up to dress every morning. As diverse as fashion has become, color constraint is still in the struggle, fashion experts considers color as the grand and key to designing. In order to prevent looking like a well-known masquerade, even people with the most expensive wardrobe across the world strives to marry the colors of their outfits well. So how can this work?

While some have the talent or the eye for details of picking out colors perfectly, some studies the sensibilities of how color works. It needs to have a balance, must be safe. Notice designers has certain signatures and shades they put in their works making it unique and known for the brand, e.g. when you see the shade of green and red, Gucci certainly comes to mind and so on.

How do I know what Colors to Match?

Perfection of color of your outfit sets you apart in a society or event. The aspect of colors can never be neglected in interiors, hair, makeup, designs and all so it is not, limited to clothes. To match your colors well, you must first understand the color wheel. This wheel was first brought up by Sir Isaac Newton when he tried to condense the color spectrum into a wheel. It is compressed into three which is the primary (red, yellow and blue) – no colors can be mixed to get these shades, it is natural, from these colors, other colors are derived. The secondary color – they are the combination of the primary colors, red and yellow is combined to give you orange, blue and yellow = green and red + blue to give purple. Lastly the tertiary colors – which are the combination of primary and secondary colors, the mix of these colors produces mint, aqua colors, corals etc.

Although we have three types of colors, they can also be separated into two classes;

-warm and cool colors; these colors has the ability to make things look smaller in size and are soothing. Examples of warm colors are; red, yellow, brown while cools colors are purple, blue, green.


You must know that combination of colors works when they are in harmony with each other or one another. Here are the principles for combination;

  • Complementary:

Red and green, violet and yellow, blue and orange are complementary colors meaning they work best when they are matched. On the color wheel, they are exactly on opposite sides to each other. They are best combos for springs and summers, some argues against it boldness but after all, it’s a matter of choice!

  • Triadic

When colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel are combined, triadic is formed. You can choose the muted shades of these colors for your outfits. Combination of green and pastel pink alongside powder blue accessories can appear sophisticated.

  • The Monochrome Look

People who rocks monochrome looks often appear lazy or doesn’t know how to combine colors but it’s actually the hardest to pull off. In this generation, it is not considered weird anymore of course in places where fashion senses are wide and understood. Neutral and comfortable colors like blue, white, grey and mostly black are the starting points before advancing to pastel undertones. It can be designed to fit the season or occasion – white, blues and neutrals going well with formal events and you also consider pastels, yellow according to you choice.

  • Analogous

This is produced when you combine the two or three continuous shades on the color wheel, the ones that blend well. Outfits produced from this combos are stylish and striking. Like how orange trench coat can rock a shade on either side of the color wheel.

  • Maintaining the Family

This is a mantra that needs to be remembered. It is safe to blend colors when trying this but the setback is it easily boring because it monotonous.

  • The Ombre Test

This is a trendy style that’s sweeping through hairstyles, nails art, cake and makeups. Simple jeans and top in ombre, party wears, and bridesmaid’s dresses in ombre can make people go wow! It consists of diminishing shades of the same color, sporting this looks for winter parties goes perfectly for the theme and weather.

  • Balance the Colors

When you choose to mix colors on your own, maintain appropriate proportions to coordinate your outfits, remember too much of everything is bad!

  • Consider your Skin Tone

Pale or yellow toned people should consider navy blue, shades of green, aqua, burgundy or grey. Deeper skin tone people can rock brighter and warmer shades like coral, gold, amber, taupe, brown, yellow and blue. This should be considered when applying your eye makeup too.

  • One at a time

If you are going for a patterned outfit or a printed one, choose one! Since prints and prints combines different colors, leave it at that, don’t jumble up colors, it makes it unruly, and opt for neighborhood accessories.

  • Jump to the Neutral Side

Some go for their choice of colors with neutral shades instead if racking their brains when in doubt, they don’t like to change look drastically, so they tend to go with one cool or warm color with everything else neutral.


Among many of the greatest achievement man had made and is still making is THE SHIP. The ship had been used during the olden days to transport people, things and every transportable thing from one place to another. Surprisingly to some people, there are many wealthy people who even live on the ship all year round, partying, touring, tending to business, making deals and so on.

There has been history about ships and how big their achievement was. The most iconic ship in history was the Titanic ship which was considered the strongest ship in history but was brought down by the scratch of an iceberg. Ships were sent to retrieve dead bodies but the disaster was so massive that only bodies of 1st class passengers was rescued due to the issue of resolving dispute over large estates. This ship wreck also gave birth to the popular Jack and Rose story.

There are other facts to know about ships and their histories, here are some few incidents that occurred on a ship;

  • When the USS West Virginia was finally raised after the sunk during the Pearl Harbor bombing, dead men were found in an airtight storeroom.
  • An Engineer traveled 7 miles and climbed 3,000 feats of stairs daily during inspection during the World War 2 on the British battleship HMS Vanguard which provided 1,000 lbs of bread from the ship’s bakery.
  • A Canadian man named John Wilson opened the shipping container he had bought for $400 and used it as Bridge for 10 years; he found a $2,000,000 Canadian Warship engine in 2009.
  • The only active US Navy ship that has sunk an enemy ship was built in 1797 is the USS Constitution
  • The Older sister of  the titanic ship is called “Olympic” is the only civilian ship to sink an enemy warship during World War 1 by turning around and ramming a German submarine attempting to attack it and It’s propeller gashed open the submarine.
  • The longest warship ever built was the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and it weighed over 90,000 tons. Even with this weight, it was one of the fastest ships to exist.
  • All 13 rounds fired by the USS Charleston at the Spanish Fort on Guam during the Spanish American War were all missed. The Spanish didn’t know war has been declared and mistook it as a salute and rowed out to apologize for lack of gunpowder to return the salute.
  • The American destroyer USS James E. Williams came to the aid of the North Korean merchant vessel MV Dai Hong Dan when it was attacked by Somali pirates in 2007. This led to the rare pro-US statements from the North Korean media.
  • The Titanic’s coal stores had been burning for weeks before setting sail which damaged the starboard side of the ship where the iceberg hit.it was the evidence that the fire damaged the hull to contribute high to the iceberg damage.
  • The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson provided an Island in Haiti with 200,000 gallons of fresh drinking water daily after the 2010 earthquake.
  •  The US Navy warship USS Yorktown became paralyzed in water after Navy opted to run the ship on Windows NT 4.0 instead of a more fitting OS, unknowingly divided by zero, caused an overflow error and wiped off the entire ship in 1998.

There are many interesting stories about ships during the war, tour and ancient times; we will do our best to bring you more next week.

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