It was never intended but we got to meet like this. I didn’t even know something as beautiful as this existed. The saying of if you’ve never visited another person’s farm, you will always have the impression of yours is the biggest came through two years ago. Another world, another universe was opened unto meContinue reading “MAGIC SHOP”


The bomb is here!! I have finally found a perfect song when going on a trip. The long wait is over, congratulations Armys! as BTS drops their comeback MV for the title track of their new album; MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA titled “Boy with love” ft. Halsey. The boys are seen running aroundContinue reading “BTS FINALLY DROPS THEIR COMEBACK MV!!”

Jimin had a wardrobe malfunction and Jin took care of it

The eldest Member of BTS – Jin is known to always look out and take care of his younger members From March 20 to March 24, BTS performed a 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong. At every show, the members showcased their talents in diverse ways while having the greatest fun with armys and themselvesContinue reading “Jimin had a wardrobe malfunction and Jin took care of it”

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